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Live Through This is a cancer support and advocacy service for the LGBTQI+ community. Cancer affects all of us but until now, the queer community has gone largely underrepresented. We provide a safe space for anybody who identifies as part of the queer spectrum and has an experience with any kind of cancer at any stage from testing, diagnosis, treatment, remission to long term care.

It is important that both patients and professionals are aware of how sexual orientation and gender identity can affect the cancer experience so that everyone can access the appropriate support specific to their needs.

Loneliness can affect anyone affected by cancer and this can be felt even harder when you’re queer, so we try to bring people together to share our experiences and support each other. Community is key and is strengthened by mutual care.


Monthly Peer Support Meetings (First Sunday of Each Month)

Come join us at one of our friendly meetings at The Outside Project where we share a cup of coffee and some cake (all free of course!) and talk about what's been affecting us. At these meetings we can talk openly and share what we're going through to help support each other and lift ourselves up together.

These meetings are led by a topic each month to help guide our discussion, but also to allow people to choose not to attend if they feel the topic is too sensitive for them. It also gives you the chance to bring specific ideas, stories or questions and also means that occasionally experts can be invited to share some of their knowledge. Sessions are run by the director of Live Through This who identifies as queer and has Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.


Live Through This networks with other charities and organisations nationwide. We discuss our work and create work plans that affect changes in the current oncological system so that it can be more supportive of LGBTQI+ patients. Through creating and fostering these interdisciplinary relationships we are able to give a voice to queer patients so their concerns can be heard and represented in the larger conversation around cancer. If you feel like you have something to add to this conversation, please contact us so we can talk about how to make sure your voice is heard and your needs are met.

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Cancer Care with LGBT+ Patients


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